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We offer graphics, oneshots, reviews, and challenges. All staff are talented and still in the process of training. You won't be disappointed with our work.

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Info Desk
Webmistress: Imaginatious
Co-Webmistress: SHINeeDreams
Co-Webmistress: FrenchSha
Established since November 15, 2010
Contact: midnightillusionsx@gmail.com
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Full Credit:
Thank You

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Illusive Staff

Position: One Shot Writer, Part-time reviewer and graphic designer
Email: ilovepandacookies@yahoo.com
About Me: Get to know me! I don't bite :].
Examples: imaginatious.blogspot.com
When requesting for one shots from me, I prefer that you do not give me long plots where you create a drama series out of. I prefer plots that are short and si
mple to avoid choppy parts of the stories.
Types of requests I like are anything depressing. I work well with angst, tragedy, drama, etc.
I write/read:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri
Strengths: Angst, Tragedy, Romance, Drama
Weaknesses: Corny Romance, Rated, Comedy


Position: One Shot Writer
About Me (optional): Feel free to ask me if you're curious! :D
When requesting from me please make sure to: tell me specifically what you want. You don't have to go into too much detail, but it would be nice to know what each one of you really want in your requests (unless you really don't care---then tell me you don't really care). But I have to say, if it's too specific, it might get too lengthy. Remember, we're requesting for one-shots.
Types of requests I prefer: not too complicated (simple) & straightforward
I write:
[ ] Rated [X] Yaoi/Yuri
Strength: angst, romance
Weakness: comedy, horror

Position: Graphic Designer & Challenge Judge (Awards)
About Me (optional): I would like to give everybody a warning: I'm a slow-worker. I give due time in making my requests for one good reason, I don't want it to look rushed. I want my requesters to feel that I give equal importance to every single graphic request I make and since I'm in a crucial stage of College life, I ask you all to understand. :)
When requesting from me please make sure to reply on every email I send you. Check it from time to time because I may have questions and suggestions aiming to serve you better but if you won't reply then I'd be pushed to make your requests according to my liking.
Types of requests I prefer happy, cheerful but people always send me dark posters and I'm kinda having a hard time with it.
Strengths: Cheerful, Happy
Weaknesses: Dark, Angst, Drama

Illusive Staff

Position: One-shot Writer, Reviewer
About Me: Annyeong! I'm Maria, and am SKID_11 on Asianfanfics. I'm a flexible person, and try to make people who request from me happy by trying my best to keep reviews and one-shots well within their expectations. However, when it comes to reviews, I pride myself in being critical without being rude or mean, and really try to help out writers with writing and maintaining their stories and/or one-/two-/three-shots. With one-shots, I always keep the genres, rating, and guidelines in mind, though it's hard for me to do so when I am given a lengthy amount of a plot to write. Though I am flexible, I like it best when the one-shot requests give me freedom to write as I wish to. Please take care of me, and request if you'd like! :)
Examples: Review One-shot
When requesting from me for one-shots and reviews, please make sure to be patient and flexible.
Types of requests I prefer for one-shots are short and to-the-point, and flexible. Genres that are liked by me are romance, rated, fluff, and humor. But anything would be fine.
Types of requests I prefer for reviews are one-shots or short stories, with humor, romance, fluff, happy endings and so on. But anything would be fine.
I write/read:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri
Strengths: Romance, mystery, suspense, thriller, rated
Weaknesses: Fluff, humor, yaoi/yuri, angst

Position: Graphic Designer & Part-time one-shot writer
In regard to Graphic Designing:
When requesting, please make sure to provide functioning links to images of character(s) and their actual names. Using the images suggested is not always a guarantee. Also, please state whether you'd like a cut-out poster (see example) or a regular.
Requests I prefer: Those with 3 characters or fewer.
Strengths: Character charts/anything involving 2 characters or fewer. Anything bold. I like space in my designs.
Weaknesses: Anything with 4 images and above.
In regard to One-Shot writing:

When requesting, please make sure to keep it clean and short. Include legit conflict(s) and personality descriptions.
Requests I prefer: Strong female lead--no damsel in distress. Hot guys.
Strengths: (Comedy/Action/Fanstasy/Supernatural/Romance) Them bad boy/malicious girl personalities.
Weaknesses: Cute girl personality
I write: Neither rated nor yaoi/yuri.
[ ] Rated [ ] Yaoi/Yuri


Position: one shot writer
About Me: Hello~ I'm Melody, or happybubblelove, as most people would know me~ Welcome to Midnight Illusions~ ^^ I love to read stories (online and off), listen to music, and write stories even more! I absolutely adore Dongwoon fro B2ST and Kyuhyun from Super Junior so if you want a one shot with the two of them in it, I'll be glad to write it for you~ ^^
winglin -
asianfanfics -
When requesting from me please make sure to give me enough information in the summary so I can write it well but please refrain from writing enough details to make the one shot into a whole entire series. If possible, please add information about the personalities so I can keep them in character.
Types of requests I prefer are requests that are on the sweeter side. I like writing romance and fluff and if you want a story that's cute but might have a touch of angst here or there, I'm the right writer for you~ ^^
Strengths: romance, fluff, happy endings, etc.
Weaknesses: horror, angst, tragedy, etc.

Position: Graphic Designer
About Me (optional): I'm a fourteen year old teen now on her 1st year of high school. I love graphic designing since my brother influenced me so that's about how I started liking doing graphics and play around with pictures. I'm a proud shawol or shawty, I like ice cream (cookies and cream, the usual flavor!) and I like writing stories too. Well that's about how my life works! haha!
Examples: x
When requesting from me please make sure to provide high quality pictures some sources are asianfanatics. Never give me edited pictures (It annoys me). Give me specific themes or describe how you want your poster to look like.
Types of requests I prefer are happy or cute posters I also prefer sad/dark or angst ones... I'm having a bit of a hard time with romantic but I don't like the themes natural!

airiseu (Iris)
Position: Graphic Designer
About Me (optional): I'm a teenager who loves graphic Designing. 15 Years old girl, who fill her life with IT things. And will try to give the best :)
When requesting from me please make sure to give HQ image. And please give a match picture. Don't give me a cute one if you wish a sad poster. Don't forget to make the application as detail as you can. So, your poster can be out good
Type of Request I prefer Romantic, Sad, angst and other poster that use soft edit. I'm not good at cute poster. But, I'm still learning at it. And I will give the best I can.

Whisper wars;
Position:One-shot writer and reviewer
About Me (optional): I'm a seventeen year old who enjoys writing, singing, music, rock, anything that gets my imagination working and is relaxing. I get most inspiration from the music I listen to.
When requesting from me please make sure to first and foremost be patient with me! I have another site that I update regularly for my personal writing and I've been there too long to just drop everything and work on your requests solely, I'm sorry. I promise I will get your stories out on time! Be patient with me. Alright, when you request from make sure you tell me what you want (yaoi, yuri, straight, incest, rated, etc...). If you want it to be an artist with an original character please give me a name and description of the original character like his/her ethnicity, hair color and so on. In that case, if you want a certain personailty from any of the characters then let me know and I'll try to aim that way. Don't give a three page description, though. Let me have a little fun with it and play with the personality as well, alright? So, give me physical appearance and an idea for personality. (a photo for physical appearance is always welcome.) Be descriptive with the plotline when you're requesting. Like if you have an idea that's already fully formed, give me every detail you can. If you don't then at least give me a few themes to work with so I can get it close to what you want.
Types of requests I prefer are the darker side of things. I generally don't have happy stories. I'm not one to believe everything is happy and works out perfectly and that's what I write. I don't like clichés so please don't ask me to write that, alright? I'll write romance, yes, but if you want an extremely cliché story then I am terribly sorry but I'm not your author. I am willing to write rated stories but tell me what you want to see( ex: drugs, alcohol, sex, violence of some sort.)
Strengths: Dark fiction, loss, pain, yaoi, moderately happy, yuri, straight, incest
Weaknesses: bubbly, cute, cliché, love at first sight,
I read/write:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri

zhenzelibaby X
Position: Reviewer
Email: zheniiez@gmail.com
When requesting from me please make sure to be more patient
I read:
[x] Rated [ ] Yaoi/Yuri
Strengths: Romance
Weakness: Everything else. (just can't really get the hang of it. but
will improve) =P

Position: One-shot writer

About Me (optional): I'm big on details and whatnot~ :D Anyway, I'm an easygoing person and I really am biased with DBSK, especially DBSK, SHINee, Super Junior, and Beast. :)
When requesting from me please make sure to tell me the basic plot, be it brief or long, and anything you want to be included in it. I'd like to fulfill your request completely. :)
Types of requests I prefer: I prefer requests that are bittersweet and tragic, or angsty, because that's something I've been improving on. But I've been writing comedy and romance, too, so I'm fine with those. :D Also; I'd like it if you have a female character that isn't weak and depends too much on other people.
Strengths: Dark, angst, horror, description/detail.
Weaknesses: Writing about hopeless and maybe useless girls. Sorry~ :D

I write:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri

Position: One-shot writer, reviewer
About Me (optional): Huge fan of yuri and yaoi. TEE HEE.
I ship GTOP, YulSic/YoonYul(OTP!)/TaeNy/JeTi/YulTi
Examples: TO BE UPDATED.
When requesting from me please:
-Keep your plot short and sweet. Give me just the outline and leave the rest in my hands. It isn't very fun and thrilling if you pretty much know the whole detailed plot right? (;
-Character traits to be clearcut please if you wish me to protray your characters as vivid as possible to your imagination.
-I like to let the inspirations flow and write freely, by giving me too much details I'm afraid I'd get too stressed by trying fit everything in the story. Because I have past experience of getting abit caught up with those details certain requesters seemed to demand greatly of(D;)
Best part about reading is the unknown and unpredictable, so kindly keep plotlines simple and not some drama inspired or exact rip off from. Like this, you'd know everythig abou the story and aint fun readin it :<
It's also to keep my job much simpler and for you to receive your requests faster;D
Types of requests I prefer:
-Angst, supernatural/fantasy themed. But hey I love writing so I pretty much will write about anything ;D
-Writing on coupled pairings from entertainment grps^^
Strengths: Supernatural/fantasy, Angst, 2nd and 3rd narrator.
Weakness: Sci-Fiction(sometimes depending on what), horror(still working on this hehe)
Others not mentioned I fair pretty well;)))
When requesting from me please:
-Links please be working if not you'd could always send soft copy direct to my email as attachment (:
-Be patient and my word to you I'd put in all my effort to deliver you the best review possible(:
Types of requests I prefer:
-Angst(!!!) supernatural/fantasy themed, (witty) humor, romance! :D
For reviewers, please add this on the bottom of the information.
Check one of the boxes if it applies to you.
I read:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri
For one shot writers, please add this on the bottom of the information.
Check one of the boxes if it applies to you.
I write:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri

Position: Oneshot Writer, Part-time Judge
About Me (optional): Hi there, I'm Tammy, a.k.a. --ethereal on AsianFanFics. I really adore writing and am a stickler for grammar, English being my first language and reading so many fics before that I got pretty annoyed with, so I've decided to apply for a position here. Do request from me and I assure you, you will be satisfied with my final product.
When requesting from me please make sure to add as much details as you can in the plot. Please give me a plot that is for short stories, do not give me plots where you can produce a whole drama series out of, because that will be too complicated.
Types of requests I prefer are angsty and depressing, bittersweet romance kind, but I also write fluff, very, very cheesy fluff which I adore very much as well.
Strengths: Angst, Romance, Bittersweet/Fluff
Weaknesses: Rated (Even if it's mild)
I write:
[ ] Rated [ ] Yaoi/Yuri (Sorry, I'm uncomfortable with either)

Position: Graphic Designer
Email: zuttosotto@gmail.com
About Me (optional):
I'm almost like a platypus....I don't really do much.
I like Green Tea & Ferrero Rocher.
I'm not a fujoshi (yet), but I am a Yaoi shipper!
Want to know more about me?
Feel free to ask~ I don't really bite,
but I might nibble you a little.
(though it doesn't hurt that much ^w^)
Examples:When requesting from me please make sure to:
- Be Specifics! Give me everything you got!
- Provide HQ images with a functional links
Types of requests I prefer:
Yaoi (>o<)
Other types are welcome too!
(I can do other genre of poster too though.)
Character Chart or Cut-out Posters
(They come out quiet messy.)

Position: reviewer, challenge judge
About Me: there's not much to know, I'm just very honest and blunt. Also I've written fanfics for a long time.
When requesting from me please make sure to be ready for an honest review
Types of requests I prefer long stories. I read any genres.
I read:
[x] yaoi [x] rated
(I think I'm so-so about everything.

Name: ava_lava
Position: Graphic Designer
About Me (optional): Hello, my name is Ava, and I am Chinese-American. In general, I am a very 4D person with a blunt personality and tomboy ethics, and have a very feminist outlook on life. I love graphic designing and writing short stories in my free time, and I read extensively. I like many K-Pop groups, mainly DBSK, but I also like classical adn heavy metal genres as well. I hope you like my graphics and I'll work hard to exceed all of your standards.
When requesting from me please make sure to provide HQ pictures (preferably at least 800x600 in size) and perhaps a preferred overall color.
Types of requests I prefer: dreamy, happy/sad, nostalgic
Strengths: Blending posters with warm colors
Weaknesses: Dark and comedic posters

Name: Grace

Position: Graphics Designer
About Me (optional): I'm SIXTEEN (:
Examples: (can you just insert the examples I sent?)
When requesting from me please make sure to include: HQ pictures, a summary of your story, what you want the poster to look like.
Types of requests I prefer: Colorful, challenging requests!
Strengths: Blending
Weaknesses: 3D Font

Name: Ryan

Position: One shot writer
About Me: Hum...I dunno what to say XD
Examples: Asianfanfics - My Oneshots Livejournal - My Community
When requesting from me please make sure to : Give me important details about how you want the story, things I shouldn't have to put inside and things I must put inside. I like to be told exactly what the requester want. And be clear, not too much details but enough to make me understand what you want about the story :)
Types of requests I prefer : Anything is fine with me, I can write violence, abuse, anything, just as long as there isn't rape in it. A dub-con is the closest i can go to this type of rated story.
Strengths: Romance, Angst, Dark themes.
Weaknesses: Comedy...
I write/read:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri

Name: ybaeviplove
Position: graphic designer
About Me (optional): Taeyang's wife. G-Dragon's bestfriend. Park Bom's sister. Kpop lover! Loves everything about editing! :)
When requesting from me please make sure to give me HQ pictures! Not with chopped arms, legs, heads, etc. Please give me a good explanation about the poster so I won't make mistakes cause I won't do redo's! :)
Types of requests I prefer are romance or dark posters. I won't mind if the story is YAOI, I even like it. But I won't do YURI posters. ^^
Strengths: Romance, Angsty, Dark
Weaknesses: Comedy


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