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We offer graphics, oneshots, reviews, and challenges. All staff are talented and still in the process of training. You won't be disappointed with our work.

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Info Desk
Webmistress: Imaginatious
Co-Webmistress: SHINeeDreams
Co-Webmistress: FrenchSha
Established since November 15, 2010
Contact: midnightillusionsx@gmail.com
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Note: We like to talk to our affies, so you must be friendly.
Please try to update site link buttons once in a while


If you have QUESTIONS, please ask on our Formspring
This is strictly for affie talk, advertisement, & comments from requesters.

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Full Credit:
Thank You

Thank you; http://www.freedomain.co.nr/

DATE:July 25, 2012 TIME:{6:39 PM} COMMENTS:

Under Maintenance
Hello everyone,

Midnight Illusions is so grateful for all the support we've received the past year and we will work hard on continuing to stay alive to provide you with our resources. Currently we are under maintenance due to the fact that many of our staff is still on hiatus, therefore we are in need of new staff, so please APPLY, we definitely need all the help we can get on keeping this site alive.

Thanks again for your support and we will try our best to get things back on track.

Illusive Staff
DATE:July 24, 2012 TIME:{7:24 PM} COMMENTS:

Officially off Hiatus!
Hey everyone,

It's been a while, hasn't it? Well I hope you're all still here ready to support Midnight Illusions in yet another year of providing services such as graphic designs, one-shots, reviews, challenges and more!

First of all, I would like to say goodbye to a few of our Illusive Members, changminxmc, Scorpio, and Ayrah! You guys will be missed and just remember if you guys ever feel the need to start designing, writing or reviewing, Midnight Illusions is ready to welcome you back in her arms.

I know it's kind of tacky that Midnight Illusions didn't make a comeback with a new layout, sorry. But we all had a super long break and I think all our staff is now feeling refreshed and ready to work again, so get ready to start requesting once again guys! Please do support us and keep Midnight Illusions alive.

We are also currently HIRING! So feel free to apply for any of the follow positions: Graphic Designer, Reviewer, One-Shot Writer, Challenge Judge, Advertiser.

Graphic Designer: You must have basic knowledge and exposure to some Photoshop program. You must have at least one year of experience in making posters & backgrounds. You must give at least 3 of your best examples.
Reviewer: You must know the basics of writing and the basics of English. You must have at least two years of experience in writing stories. You must provide at least one completed example of your own original story.
One-Shot Writer: You must know the basics of writing and the basics of English. You must have proficiency in grammar, punctuation, spelling, structure, etc. You must have at least two years of experience in writing stories. You must provide one completed original story and another example of your writing (does not have to be completed).
Challenge Judge: You must have no bias opinions. You should be able to give your honest opinion about each entry. Must have at least two years of experience in either graphic designing or writing. You must give a few examples of what you're experienced in.
Advertiser: You must be prepared to help keep Midnight Illusions alive. Without you, there will be no Midnight Illusions, so you must be dedicated! You're the most important staff, be proud, be bold, be illusive.

Once again, Midnight Illusions is officially open!
DATE:January 27, 2012 TIME:{10:44 PM} COMMENTS:

We are officially on HIATUS.
Don't worry, we will finish your requests as soon as possible!
DATE:September 28, 2011 TIME:{9:07 PM} COMMENTS:

Please be informed that all the offer statuses were updated just last September 27, 2011. If you can't find your names under the request offer then email me asap.

Man! This co-co-webmistress thing is really hard. At first I was like, sure sure. I'd like to try this co-co-webmissy thing then now, I'm. So. Exhausted. Not only because of MI but also 'cause of personal things. But as my psychology book says, in order to avoid any psychological disorder, don't blame life about everything. So I'm not gonna post any I-Hate-The-World-I-Hate-My-Life post. Instead, I'll look at the bright side. And yes, there is a bright side. I met some new friends and those are the Illusive Staff themselves. Although it's brief, we had some few conversations and it lighten my mood. Although I have to curse gmail for causing some pain! I'm such a cavewoman when I try to roam around gmail. I use yahoomail for any transactions.

So anyway, sorry for the blog-like post webmissy. I just have to let this out. :)
And from now on, I will put my signature at every updates I make.


And so are Ryan, Grace, Saule, Ayrah and Ava
Name: Ayrah | taechnology | thirteenxlove
Position: Graphic Designer
About Me (optional):
When requesting from me please make sure to be patient and minimize the quantity of characters.
Types of requests I prefer are not-so-complicated ones. XD
Strengths: dark | sad | angst | grunge themed.
Weaknesses: happy | playful | cute themed

Name: ybaeviplove
Position: graphic designer
About Me (optional): Taeyang's wife. G-Dragon's bestfriend. Park Bom's sister. Kpop lover! Loves everything about editing! :)
When requesting from me please make sure to give me HQ pictures! Not with chopped arms, legs, heads, etc. Please give me a good explanation about the poster so I won't make mistakes cause I won't do redo's! :)
Types of requests I prefer are romance or dark posters. I won't mind if the story is YAOI, I even like it. But I won't do YURI posters. ^^
Strengths: Romance, Angsty, Dark
Weaknesses: Comedy

Name: ava_lava
Position: Graphic Designer
About Me (optional): Hello, my name is Ava, and I am Chinese-American. In gene
ral, I am a very 4D person with a blunt personality and tomboy ethics, and have a very feminist outlook on life. I love graphic designing and writing short stories in my free time, and I read extensively. I like many K-Pop groups, mainly DBSK, but I also like classical adn heavy metal genres as well. I hope you like my graphics and I'll work hard to exceed all of your standards.
When requesting from me please make sure to provide HQ pictures (preferably at least 800x600 in size) and perhaps a preferred overall color.
Types of requests I prefer: dreamy, happy/sad, nostalgic
Strengths: Blending posters with warm colors
Weaknesses: Dark and comedic posters

Name: Grace
Position: Graphics Designer
About Me (optional): I'm SIXTEEN (:
Examples: (can you just insert the examples I sent?)
When requesting from me please make sure to include: HQ pictures, a summary of your story, what you want the poster to look like.
Types of requests I prefer: Colorful, challenging requests!
Strengths: Blending
Weaknesses: 3D Font

Name: Ryan
Position: One shot writer
About Me: Hum...I dunno what to say XD
Examples: Asianfanfics - My Oneshots Livejournal - My Community
When requesting from me please make sure to : Give me important details about how you want the story, things I shouldn't have to put inside and things I must put inside. I like to be told exactly what the requester want. And be clear, not too much details but enough to make me understand what you want about the story :)
Types of requests I prefer : Anything is fine with me, I can write violence, abuse, anything, just as long as there isn't rape in it. A dub-con is the closest i can go to this type of rated story.
Strengths: Romance, Angst, Dark themes.
Weaknesses: Comedy...

I write/read:
[x] Rated [x] Yaoi/Yuri

Thank you very much guys for choosing Midnight-Illusions as your or one of your workplace. We hope we can get in-touch and share a bond during your stay here at our place. Thank you once again and welcome new illusive staffs.

DATE:September 1, 2011 TIME:{2:10 AM} COMMENTS:

FrenchSha is an Illusionist

One’s a Company, Two’s a Crowd, Three’s a Party. So let the sky fall down. Daaaaawn. Daaaawn. Even if the sky is falling down.

You’ll probably say, what were they thinking? Having three people run the site? ARE THEY MAD?! Yup, we’re crazy but we haven’t lost our minds yet. Hahaha. Webmissy, Imaginatious decided to hire a co-co-webmistress since both she and SHINeeDreams have to juggle personal, social, school and web life simultaneously.

So when they were looking for help, they found FrenchSha! Yes. This is FrenchSha everybody. One of the graphic designers from this site too. You must say, I’m kinda loyal working as both deginer and co-co-webmissy. How did I find the courage? I don’t know. I just felt like doing so since I learned how to love the site after… Actually I haven’t reached my anniversary as a staff but I guess it’s safe to say that I have done my part and now I’m getting a step-up. I’ll still continue graphic-designing though.

Now, I thank you, Webmissy, for accepting my application as your co-co-webmistress. It means a lot to me. Thank you so much and I hope that this will bring us closer as all three of us work together to improve MI. Thank you so much for the trust.

To all of the visitors, requesters and speculators, it is my honor and privilege to be able to serve you in any way. Address me your issues and I will do my best to accommodate you. As what American Pres. John F. Kennedy once said, “It is not what your country can do for you. It is what you can do for your country.” In our case, it’s not about what our site can do for us. It’s what we can do for our site. *wink

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